Building Regulations - Appendix to the Lease

Building Regulations - Appendix to the Lease

1. Commercial activity

It is strictly forbidden to operate a commercial activity of any nature whatsoever from the rented premises unless the tenant has obtained prior written authorization from the owner.

2. Animals

It is strictly forbidden to own an animal other than a cat, unless the tenant has obtained prior written authorization from the owner.

3. Antenna

It is strictly forbidden for the tenant to install, on or against the building, any antenna of any kind whatsoever, without having received prior written authorization from the owner.

4. Air conditioning equipment

It is strictly forbidden to install an air conditioning unit unless the tenant has obtained prior written authorization from the landlord.

5. External appearance

It is strictly forbidden to hang from the windows and/or balcony of the dwelling unit, any object that may affect the exterior appearance of the building, such as a carpet, mat, clothing, sheet, feather duster, mop, dishcloth, canoe, flag, bicycle, etc.

However, this clause is subject to the electoral laws.

6. Liability insurance

It is the tenant's responsibility to protect himself by taking out a tenant occupier insurance policy. It is suggested that such insurance cover the risks of theft, fire, explosion, damage caused by water, smoke and other damage for which the tenant could be held liable.

The lessee agrees to use at his own risk the locker or shed, as the case may be, made available to him in order to store his property.

7. Proper use of the premises

The tenant is required to use the premises in a prudent and diligent manner during the term of the lease. He is required to keep the dwelling in a good state of cleanliness and to carry out minor maintenance repairs, with the exception of those resulting from obsolescence or force majeure. The lessee shall be liable to compensate the owner for any loss suffered by the owner as a result of the losses incurred on the leased property, unless the loss is not due to his fault.

The tenant will be liable for any costs incurred if the cause of the damage is due to his fault or negligence or that of the persons occupying the rented premises or to persons to whom he allows access (Example: clogged toilet, clogged sink or sink, bulbs no longer working, etc.) The costs incurred will be billed to the tenant.

The tenant must maintain the kitchen fan (60W max bulb), bathroom and stove hood.

8. Telephone or other wiring

It is strictly prohibited for the tenant to install and/or allow the installation of telephone wiring, a cable distribution system or any other system requiring the drilling of the walls of the building without the written authorization of the owner. In the event of a defect in either of them, the lessee may not carry out or have carried out any repairs whatsoever without the owner's approval. In the event that the tenant fails to seek such approval, he/she agrees to assume all costs associated with his/her request.

9. Assignment of lease or transfer during lease

For a lease assignment or transfer (if accepted) during the term of the lease, a $200 fee is charged to the tenant. The tenant remains responsible for the lease until the unit is re-let and the assignment becomes effective at that time.

10. Heating

The tenant undertakes to maintain a minimum heating of 18°C at all times. In addition, the tenant undertakes not to overheat (maximum 24°C the dwelling and to maintain the tightness of the apartment (close the windows in winter, do not operate the bathroom ventilation continuously).

11. Home theater

It is strictly forbidden to use a subwoofer for home theatre, computer or any other electronic device.

12. Monetary clauses

The tenant may, without constraint and voluntarily, give the landlord a series of post-dated cheques, used to pay the rent.

Any rent not paid when due will bear interest at a rate of 1.5% per month or 18% per year from the date it becomes due and without any request or formal notice to that effect being given.

An indemnity of $25 will be payable to the tenant for any cheque written by him for the payment of his rent and refused by his financial institution.

13. Keys and locks

A lock or mechanism that restricts access to the dwelling may only be installed or changed with the consent of the tenant and the landlord.

14. Behaviour

The tenant is required to conduct himself in a manner that does not interfere with the normal enjoyment of other tenants. The tenant is liable to the owner and the other tenants of the building for damages that may result from the breach of this obligation, even if the breach is committed by the persons to whom the tenant gives access to the dwelling or building. The landlord may, in the event of serious damage following such a breach, request the termination of the lease and the eviction of the tenant and all occupants of the dwelling.

15. Maintenance man

The tenant may not, for any reason whatsoever, use the services of the maintenance man for personal purposes. A fee will be charged to the tenant for disturbance of service personnel if they have to unlock the doors due to forgotten keys.

During working hours: Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm - $20. Outside these hours, $50 will be charged.

16. Observation of the premises

The condition of the dwelling can be determined from the description made by the parties or the photos taken for this purpose. In the absence of a report on the inventory of fixtures, the tenant is presumed to have received the dwelling in good condition at the beginning of the lease.

17. Corridors and building entrances

The tenant undertakes not to use or allow the common areas of the building to be used for entertainment, strolling or storage (including a bicycle). Doorstep selling and door-to-door selling are prohibited.

The tenant undertakes to keep the entrances, corridors, vestibules, stairs, laundry rooms and lockers or sheds clean.

18. Waste products

The tenant must not throw garbage in the courtyard or corridors of the building. Household waste must be deposited by the tenant in the places provided for this purpose and in appropriate containers.

19. Smoke detectors

The tenant is required to periodically replace the battery in the smoke detector(s) in his dwelling when necessary.

20. Signs

The tenant may not build or install, or have built or have installed, any sign or poster, any notice or billboard outside his dwelling, or that they are visible from the outside.

21. Outdoor environment

It is strictly forbidden for the tenant to install on the property of the building or on his balcony any swimming pool, swing, patio set, sandbox, slide or other games of any kind whatsoever, without having obtained, in advance, the written authorization of the owner.

22. Family daycare in a family environment

It is strictly prohibited to use the dwelling or allow its use for childcare purposes, whether or not there is remuneration, unless the tenant has obtained prior written authorization from the landlord.

23. Fire and fire

In the event of a fire, if the dwelling becomes unfit for habitation, the tenant and the landlord may request the termination of the lease.

24. Water beds and aquariums

It is strictly forbidden to install a water bed in the dwelling unless the tenant has obtained prior written authorization from the landlord.

Proof of insurance is required for an aquarium over 10 gallons (40 litres).

25. Tobacco and Cannabis Act

Smoking tobacco is strictly prohibited in all common areas of the building. In addition, it is prohibited to smoke cannabis in your dwelling, in the common areas of the building and on all the grounds of the building.

26. Modification of the premises

The landlord and tenant may not change the form or use of the dwelling throughout the term of the lease. At the end of the lease, the tenant must remove any constructions, works or plantations he has carried out upon his departure. If the tenant is unable to remove them without damaging the dwelling, the landlord may, at his sole discretion, retain them or require the tenant to remove them and restore the dwelling to its original condition.

However, when it is impossible to restore the dwelling, the owner may keep them without paying any compensation to the tenant.

27. Hazardous products and stoves

The tenant may not, without the written consent of the landlord, use or retain in the dwelling any substance that constitutes or may constitute a fire or explosion risk and that could increase the landlord's insurance premiums. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the use of a coal, wood or other stove that uses flammable materials is only permitted outside the building and only at a minimum distance of 10 feet (3 meters) and is absolutely prohibited on balconies. The tenant undertakes to respect the municipal regulations to this effect.

28. Renting of the apartment

A tenant who notifies the landlord of the non-renewal or termination of the lease is required to allow the apartment to be visited as soon as the tenant has given such notice. The tenant must facilitate access to the dwelling and must not unjustifiably refuse access. The owner may give a simple verbal notice. However, the owner must exercise this right in a reasonable and privacy-conscious manner.

29. Parking lot

a) The lessee may only park one passenger vehicle (no truck, trailer or trailer) in the space allocated to him for this purpose. The tenant must not use the parking spaces reserved for visitors (if applicable) and other tenants of the building. The tenant undertakes that the occupants of the dwelling or its visitors will only park their vehicles in the designated area.

b) The lessee undertakes not to use the parking space for vehicle storage purposes. In addition, the tenant undertakes to free up the parking space for snow removal purposes. The tenant also undertakes not to use the parking space for mechanical repairs.

(c) Any vehicle in the parking lot must be in working order and have a valid registration number. Any vehicle found to be defective will be towed and the towing charges will be billed to the owner of the vehicle in question.

d) Any vehicle for sale is prohibited.

(e) It is prohibited to install a carport without prior written authorization from the owner.

f) The tenant who wishes additional parking must make arrangements with the caretaker.

30. Tapestry, wallpaper and dark paint

The tenant undertakes not to install wallpaper or wallpaper, nor to use dark-coloured paint without the written permission of the owner. A $400 fee is charged to the tenant if the tenant does not return the unit to its original rental condition.

31. Warning Notice

In the event that one or more articles of these regulations are declared null, invalid or inoperative, this shall not have the effect of invalidating the other articles of these regulations that remain in force.

32. Use of the pool for the building on rue de Lauzon,

Tenants must respect the pool rules posted next to the pool's entrance door.

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